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Where is the pending invites page?

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Clients find it incredibly hard to navigate to the screen where they can accept my MCC invitation. Could Google please make this easier? It's as if Google hates agencies and doesn't want us to be able to successfully onboard clients.

Additionally, when I check the status of an invite I've sent out, I get this funny error message: "You can remove the existing pending invitation from the pending invitations page. (make pending invitations a link)"

See that? (make pending invitations a link) It's not a link. Somebody included the instruction in the displayed text, instead of following it.

This shows how sloppy the AdWords interface is, and how careless Google is.

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August 2016

Re: Where is the pending invites page?

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Hi Jonathan,


I can generally walk clients through the MCC linking process in a minute or two without too much issue. I don't expect them to know everything about the UI, that's why they hire us, right?


Cog Wheel > Account Settings > Account Access > Accept Invitation


The process is outlined pretty clearly here and can easily be sent to a client when an account link is initiated from an MCC


"...the AdWords account will receive an account notification and email that invites them to link to your account. Any user with administrative access on the invited account or on a linked manager account with administrative ownership can accept your invitation by clicking the gear icon, then selecting Account settings from the drop-down menu. Then, they’ll select Account access from the side navigation and click Accept invitation."


Where exactly are you checking the status of an MCC link?  Is it on the Pending Invitations panel in the MCC or somewhere else?


If you want to share a screenshot - this might be something that can be addressed.  





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Where is the pending invites page?

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Hi Jonathan,


I can understand your fustration. I use to work at Google and many accounts would have no idea how to add and/or remove old agency MCCs.


In your case, navigate to the old interface and ensure you are on the accounts page. From there, utilize the left navigation bar on the left-hand side (sometimes its hidden/compressed). Once open, the second to last option will be the pending invitations tab. 


Where is the pending invites page?

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