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What's wrong with my site?

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Hi there,


I got a warning from google adwords regarding my site for "low value content".


I have not really an idea why, of cause my site is made to generate money (as every website that wants to advertise, otherwise why do you advertise?),

but not only, it does provide valuable content. All my content is handwritten, all information is researched and the quality of the design is also good.


I have two assumptions why I could have got this warning:

1. It seems my programmer did cookie dropping on some sites, so an iframe always loaded when opening the page, that created a cookie, i removed that now.

2. The main page of it, is currently a "pre page" since we are still working on it.


Could this eventually be the reason? Or do you see other reasons that could have caused that warning when checking my site?


Thanks a lot in advance!



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February 2016

Re: What's wrong with my site?

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Please see here:
Under the "low value content" heading. In particular, note "Landing pages that are solely designed to send users elsewhere". This is EXACTLY what your site is intended to do. There is no ambiguity here. It's exactly the type of site/business model that Google does not want advertised on AdWords.

You're right, most advertisers advertise their site to make money. Using their own business though. There is a reason you don't see millions of other affiliates advertise on AdWords.
You are not going to be able to advertise this site on AdWords, not in it's current form anyway.

My opinion is, if the purpose of your site is to send someone away from your site in order to make money, it's not going to be a good fit for AdWords.

Hope that clears things up.