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Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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Hello , I am going to start adwords soon thats why I am asking all my doubts i hope you will answer each.

1) The guy who will do my adwords campaign (I will give him standard access) , I dont want that he should see my billing details , address and payment information..May be he will save my card details and will do fraud transaction what can i do now , why google gives billing access in standard optionSmiley Sad

2) And according to the reports how much approx. conversion rate for search and display is going of e commerce websites in 2016 ? Reference site  -

3) And Someone told me that if you want to advertise on adwords then you have to get trademark or some verification for your e commerce site.And i am hearing this rediculous thing first time.So please tell cant i advertise my site (Search and Display) on adwords without filling these forms ? -

Awaiting your response.
Thank You.

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Re: Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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Rising Star

Hi there,


Access Issue: Yes, a standard access user can view/modify billing details and I feel it's a good feature in many circumstances but a disadvantage in such situations. Trust is important when you're getting the account managed by a third party, I'd suggest not to engage someone you cannot trust.


e-commerce conversion rates: It would be vague to follow such numbers because each business has its own dimensions like brand value, affordability, discounts, ease of purchasing, payment options and the likes. You can find many online with the term 'AdWords conversion rates by industry', but how trustworthy they are is the question.


Trademark: Yes, you'd require a TM authorization from the TM owner, if you advertise them in your ad copies. In that case, the TM owner fills the form to let Google know his consent. You wouldn't require this if you don't have such terms in your ads.


Good luck,


Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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Hello Sumanth , Thanks for your reply.

=> We are paying one guy who will make adwords campaings for us because we dpnt know anything about it so we have to give him standard role in adwords and merchant centre account.But the problem is he will see my billing details card info and my address which i dont want.Should i do net banking in that way may be he cant see my card details ?

=> And i want your genuine suggestion because i have 60k right now so i thought ill put 30 in adwords and 30 in facebook.There are lots of questions in my mind , I dont know have any idea how much % should i invest in starting , will i be in loss etc.

=> You know about the cost per click on the banner ads which comes in right side of youtube player and overlay ads.
I want to know the estimate that if my shoe cost is 1000 rs then how much will cost be on cpc.
(We will sell shoes , hoodie , caps , sunglasses )

=> I am the owner and he will make campaigns from my adwords account then also he will need to fill the trademark form and all ?

Re: Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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Rising Star
Hey there,

Let me try and help you out.

Billing Details: I would suggest you always do a net banking setup on your AdWords accounts as it is one of the safest means of ensuring your billing details are not shared with anyone else.

Budget Allocation: Frankly, you are going to be playing in the e-commerce sector, which you should already know is a very competitive industry and equally saturated on AdWords or any other advertising platform. My advice to you would be, be very specific in the themes you target, if you target a keyword that is broad in nature example - just shoes or even formal shoes, your ad is going to compete with all the major players in the industry and for you to even appear alongside or below them (best case scenario considering your budget), your bids need to be high or very competitive.

I would suggest you do am Adwords Search campaign only as it will give you the most relevant targeting (in the form of your keywords) and because search is driven by user intent while searching on google, you will tend to get more users who actually are interested in your product or brand. Also, with your current budget setup I would not suggest targeting your competitors big or small ones as it would only make you bleed money with limited visibility. Lastly, if you can, work with a higher budget to see some real results or even to get some good learnings.

Do a search campaign, setup conversion & revenue tracking, collect user data, understand if Search is working for you or not and then come back to the platform with more budget to test other avenues on AdWords.

Trademark: Honestly, if you are a new brand, it doesn't matter if you register your brand or not with AdWords. The TM policy is in place to restrict your competitors to use your brand term (example: BabyPants) in their ad copies. This essentially stops others from falsifying their identity on Adwords to get users to their own website. So for now, I think you can start of with your AdWords campaign and try and get your Brand out there. The TM policy can be dealt with later.

Hope this Helps!

Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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Hi Shashank ,

Your suggestions helped me alot.I want to go for SNDS both.In that way i will get clicks from search and display network as well.And i think you are right first i should test and see how much conversions and results we are getting.

Can you give your contact if you also makes adwords campaigns ?

Re: Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner
Also wanna add one thing. Even in Standard Access- I Accept Billing Information is shared but still your whole card number wouldn't be shared and I don't think without that - any fraud transaction can happen outside your account. Though netbanking is a secure way but still its not even a controversial part to go with Credit Card.

Urgent - Adwords Related Queries.

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=> If i have added someone as an mcc in my adwords account and then if ill add more managers in my adwords account even in read only access then that mcc user willg et notification about it ? I mean i want that when i will add more managers to my adwords account then that mcc user must not get notification about it , so is this possible ?

=> When i make payment in my adwords account via net banking then the other managers and mcc managers (which i have added in past time) gets notification about it ?