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Unlinking Accounts Ethics Question

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I wanted to know how anyone in this community deals with a client that was linked to your MCC, per their request, but then after months of work and great results, they consider taking back the account to manage it on their own. Do you "undo" the work you did and have them start from scratch or do you give it to them after you've done all the work and all they will do is fund the account? I sorta felt like I was asked to "raise their child" but when it's all grown up they want it back. I'd love to hear how others might have handled this same type of situation. 

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Re: Unlinking Accounts Ethics Question

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I think the industry needs a better name for "managing" an account. Crafting, perhaps?

Unless a business continually needs new products promoting, new ad copy, battles with competitors... most small AdWords account will reach a mature state where there isn't a lot to do and it would be easy enough for the client to manage it themselves. Perhaps this should be acknowledged in management agreements, and priced accordingly.

Perhaps an exit fee that includes self-management training, a couple of checkups in the future, and a discount on re-employment?

Re: Unlinking Accounts Ethics Question

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@Kerry W

This is part of the business. Clients come and go...

If you charged the client for setting the campaigns and optimizing them, then it's a proprietary  of the client. Think  as if it was a software code you were paid to write / developed. Once completed and running, the code is delivered to the client.


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Re: Unlinking Accounts Ethics Question

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generally, service-based contracts should have a
termination clause that spells out such details.

ethically, all ad-campaigns should likely be the client's property --
in the same similar way that all artwork created for advertisements
are the property of the client, not the artist or agency, regardless of
the time or effort involved.

also, the agency may be reviewed by clients and
ad-campaign-transfer is a potential review point.

of course, there may be legal gray areas for courts.

Re: Unlinking Accounts Ethics Question

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Hi @Kerry W,


As others have already answered, it is a normal course of action at some point (sometimes). No matter what, it is not a happy day (often) and it does feel like something special (a child) being taken from us. 


I have only had this happen with a website (never AdWords) but it was sad to me. The new guy hacked the site up, made a mess of it and then claimed I (started the site) and he perfected it. I actually coded the site and maintained it for several years (hardly a start). Robot Mad


Sorry for the loss... another child will need adopted soon and you will be great for the task. Robot Happy


Kind Regards,



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