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Unknown reason why I got suspended and am not getting any feedback other than to read the tearms

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Why are they treating me like a criminal stating that I violated the rules without communicating exactly what the cause of the violation in question is. I called on the phone and simply got the message stating the same. If they are going to dismiss my account I am demanding all my personal information be deleted and I probably have a better chance of seeing jesus to get proof on that one. Now I am forced to seek answers from this community of volunteers which really cannot take any action and any advise I obtain here google is exempt from. We are truly their puppets.

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Unknown reason why I got suspended and am not getting any feedback other than to read the tearms

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Hi @Teds P,


The email AdWords sends out contains all of the information needed to know what they are flagging the account for. That is all anyone receives, so it is not personal to you or viewing you as someone bad (as you state it: criminal). Google does care about you and everyone involved in the AdWords system, which is why accounts are reviewed and audited... and suspended if they fit the pattern or actions that go against the terms of service.


Sadly, AdWords is highly targeted by fraudsters and actual criminals and so Google has to work hard to defend the system. As with many other systems, the few bad apples can cause headaches for the good guys, too. Society is seeing more and more of this as more people abandon caring for things and actually following the rules given.


With that said, if you review the email and then research what it says, you should be able to see what is causing the automated system to 'think' something is wrong.


Of course, you can also open AdWords and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and click cancel account, which will start that process. Please keep in mind that there is a process involved to cancel your AdWords account, and you have to follow along. It's best to correct the suspension first. Once a web property is tied to a suspended account, it cannot be used again with another AdWords account down the road. And once that email is lost, it becomes nearly impossible to clear the suspension.


Further, you can also cancel your Google account, which would remove you from Google completely. Or you can dig through all of the sections of your Google account and turn off features, remove history and much more. You are in full control of your personal information with Google... and they do honor this.  


As you know, I am a mere volunteer here, so I am offering what I can to be helpful. You can omit any or all of it, if it is now wanted or welcomed. 


Kind Regards,



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