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Universal app install campaign not working

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Getting confused on how the google adword for universal app install works.


I have followed the correct procedure to create my campaign and the procedure seems very simple and straight forward. but i couldn't get any impression so far. It has been more than 5 days now since I created my first campaign and no impression at all. the status says Eligible. apart from that no notification or no further update on why it is not working.

Re: Universal app install campaign not working

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try increasing your CPA target. I hope you will start getting the traffic.


Re: Universal app install campaign not working

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Hi Yonas,

Have you installed the conversion tracking code?

As Robin said to increase the CPA bid. That the primary check.

There could be two reasons:

1. You have set a very low CPA bid. ( Add Avg Position through modify coloumn) . For example, If you have kept Rs. 10/- as CPA ( Indian Rupees ), Increase it to Rs.20/- for first day. If not even a single impression then keep Rs.40/-. You can reduce later anytime to optimize. Have patience and donot change the Ads frequently.

2. If you have added only one city, then try to add near by cities or the country. Once you start getting impressions, you can remove the cities from locations. As there are no adgroups in Universal App Campaign. Try to create as many as campaigns with different locations and different Text messages. You have option of 4 text lines of (25 character limit).

Hope you will get impressions with more campaigns instead of running only one campaign....Best wishes for your Mobile App Campaign