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Universal App Campaing - Error Uploading your File

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I'm trying to create a universal app campaing, but some of my images (produced according the formats accpeted by Google) are not being accpeted by the platform. I get always an error: "error uploading your file".

I've try via Adwords Editor but the problem persists.
I've try via different brwosers but the problem persists.

tha images formats i cannot upload are: 




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Universal App Campaing - Error Uploading your File

Google Employee
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Google Employee

 320x458 is not a valid image size for anything. Where do you see it mentioned?


320x50 should work for Universal app campaigns. Could you attach the image here? There may be a problem with the image itself.

Universal App Campaing - Error Uploading your File

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I meant to write 320x480. And yes, i have the image with this dimensions and 320x50 and Google doesn't accept them.
I am afraid i cannot attach the image due to relation client-agency. What could be the problem with the image if it is in the correct format, have the right dimensions, is less than 150kb. ...

Universal App Campaing - Error Uploading your File

Google Employee
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Google Employee

The system checks all kinds of image properties besides just dimensions and file size. At the extreme end, it's possible to construct a malicious image that can infect machines running certain old, unpatched browsers; the system is checking for that. Another case I've seen is where an image is rejected for having too much background and too little of the actual content (I'm not sure why this is a problem, but it's being checked for); e.g. an image that's just a rectangle of solid color is reliably rejected.


It's outside my area of expertise; I can't give you an exhaustive list of all the problems an image is checked for.


Usually, when you upload an image via AdWords online interface and it is rejected, the interface would provide an error message that describes a specific reason. Are you not getting any details?


Editor would only show a generic error message, but it might be possible to glean more information from diagnostic logs:

Enable logging, then try to post your changes and get to the point where the upload fails. Then search the log file for a fragment that starts with "_ApiException". Often, there's a more detailed description of the problem nearby, below that line.

Universal App Campaing - Error Uploading your File

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No, i'm not getting any details in google adwords platform regarding the error on the image.