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Unacceptable Google's adwords support team behaviour

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Some time ago I received a message that my AdWords account is suspended. I've filled a form located at to appeal the suspension, and received a message from the support that my account suspension decision is final and can't be changed.

Thanks for your continued patience during this process. Our specialists have re-reviewed the account and confirmed that it is in violation of our AdWords policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension.
Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension.

Even that "specialist" which I suppose is a bot wasn't able to provide me the suspension reason what I asked for, I accepted the fact of being suspended, but there is some money in my account which I would like to have back. Actually it's €45.39 in my account and since you have aggressively locked my account for no reason, I would like to have my money back at least. So I created new support ticket asking for moneyback, but now I receive templated bot responses:

Thank you for writing in. While reviewing your account, our specialists identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts.

For information on the terms associated with AdWords account use, please review our Terms and Conditions at 

If you believe that you meet all of our Terms and Conditions and would like to appeal the suspension of your account, please fill in the following form:

Why do you threat your customers like that? I understand Google is a big company with millions of requests per minute, but you provide a service to individual customers so please pay some attention.

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Unacceptable Google's adwords support team behaviour

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If your appeal was declined - we can't help much. The decision by the Policy enforcement team is final


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Unacceptable Google's adwords support team behaviour

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So they just stole my money and won't give it back, right? There is €45.39 in my account actually that I can't get back.

I haven't received any explanation on the appeal decline, I think this is totally a disrespect.


Unacceptable Google's adwords support team behaviour

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You can ask for the remaining funds to be returned to you: