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URLs added into my ad

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I did not add any URLs as part of the content of my ad but appears Google is adding two of them dynamically. One of them is to my testimonials page which is great but the URL has been updated and so the link they're adding into my ad is broken and the wrong one. Since I am not adding this and Google is, I want to know where this data is coming from so that I can update the link with the correct URL?


My URL has already been updated and working on my website but my ad is using the old/previous URL. Google is using it and not me so where or how can I get this URL updated???


Please help!

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March 2016

Re: URLs added into my ad

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@Matt V


It sounds like you're describing dynamic sitelinks.  How long ago did you make this change? Did you setup a 301 redirect from the old version to the new version of the page? If not, that would be the quickest fix.  If you're using an Apache server it's very easy to setup. Here is more info on where Google gets the data for the dynamic sitelinks:

If you have an Apache server and can make an edit to your .htaccess file you need to add these lines:


Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
Redirect 301 /retiredpage.html


Re: URLs added into my ad

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Worked perfect, thanks!

Also thanks for replying so quickly!