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URGENT - Restoring Account In Editor Not Working

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I am trying to restore a client account to how it was before changes were made, but when I try to upload the back up file it skips almost everything and I get error messages!? Please see image...

I'm freaking out here because I've only done this once in the past and have never had these issues. How can I get this to work? I just need to upload this file to restore the account to how it was! 



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URGENT - Restoring Account In Editor Not Working

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"Skipped" simply means that, for a given CSV row, Editor found an item in the account that matched that row exactly, so nothing needed to be done for it. If you, say, export the account to CSV, tweak a few rows, then import the whole thing back, it's perfectly normal and expected that the majority of the rows - all those that weren't touched - would end up Skipped.


The warning shown on your screenshot means that there are two rows that, Editor believes, try to modify the same item in conflicting ways. For example, something like this would trigger the warning:






(trying to edit budget twice on the same campaign; only the first edit would be applied). This is often caused by the presence of duplicate or near-duplicate ads in the account (e.g. two text ads with the same text, that only differ in Device preference setting); it's a known limitation that CSV import doesn't handle duplicate ads very well.



In the future, export to an archive (.aea, for AdWords Editor Archive) file, rather than CSV, to back up a snapshot of the account state. Importing an AEA file generates edits necessary to bring the account back to precisely the same state; the format was designed for this exact purpose.


URGENT - Restoring Account In Editor Not Working

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Thanks for this! Really useful info. I managed to fix the issue by changing the names of all the campaigns in the CSV file slightly (adding a "." to the end) then trying to upload again. 


Strangely, this uploaded them both as new campaigns, and edited the existing old campaigns too. So then I just deleted the new "." campaigns and the reverted old campaigns kept the changes.  


I will in future follow your advice! I didn't know about the different file types so thank you!