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Two different customer ID numbers for 1 Google Adwords account?

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HI there, I recently inherited this account from my predecessor and noticed that we have 2 customer ID numbers for the same account. There are ads I can see on google which are still running but have a broken URL - I cannot see these in my account so I can fix? Also I was told we signed up to the google non-profit grant but also can't see this in the account? Can someone help?

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Two different customer ID numbers for 1 Google Adwords account?

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Hi @The L,


Each AdWords account has one account ID. And logging into one account allows you access to all of the ads within that account. It sounds more like someone was quite messy with the operations and actually have two separate AdWords accounts set up... possibly one that was for general use and another created for the Google Ad Grant's process. Or one is old and one is new. Or perhaps someone else created one and another created the other. Not entirely sure as we cannot access accounts here. 


You should contact the previous manager and ask for admin access to the second AdWords account. When you log into AdWords, you can find the account number for that account by:


  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Look in the top right corner of any page.
  3. Find “Customer ID” above your email address.


Then, you would do the same for the second account. Then you would want to audit both accounts completely and determine why there are two accounts, what ads are serving for which products and landing page URL, and verify that your company is not double-serving ads at the same time for the same locations. 


If it were me, I would pause all campaigns in both accounts and do a very intensive audit of everything. You should make sure you are aware of all users assigned access and to what permissions they have. 


As for the Google Ad Grants account status, you would want to see the status of your Ad Grants application by logging into your Google For Nonprofits (G4NP) account and go to the product enrollment page and looking under Ad Grants, which is where you will see a status listed of: Enroll, Received, Approved or other similar status message. You may need to get log in credentials from previous manager/operator.


Also, you will want to use this information about setting up AdWords for Google Ad Grants. The process is very precise and requires exact actions, so you will want to proceed with an attention to detail. Read everything a few times before doing anything. 


With all of that said regarding AdWords and Google Ad Grants...


I would add that often times when some inherits accounts, they find something totally different from what they were told or expected... and sometimes things are in sad shape, overall. This may or may not be for your situation, but keep a cautious eye and move slowly and methodically through the review and audit process. Sometime you are better off pausing and canceling old account and starting fresh and other times it requires some effort to put everything on the right track. Your unique journey is yours to discover.  


Please note that AdWords support is always there to help and they can see your AdWords account and access it with you. You will need to be an admin of the account and be logged in to it. Simply open AdWords and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and call the number shown or click on Help (same location) and use another method to interact with support. 


If we can answer any questions, we are here to assist. I wish you all the best in the journey ahead.


Kind Regards,





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