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Trusted Stores Seller Ratings stopped appearing. Can't use Reviews extension anymore.

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We joined the Google Trusted Stores program a couple years ago, and recently have noticed that something is not working right. There are several issues. I submitted a request for help, and I got a "stock" reply from Chris E, that did not help.

Problem 1: When a customer would click on our Google Trusted Store badge they would see a "View Details" link with Stars rating indicator that would navigate to a page where the customer could see Google Trusted Store reviews for our company.

Now our badge is missing the "View Details" link (and the Stars rating)
It doesn't show our company name either.

2- According to our Google Trusted Stores Stats page, we have 340 reviews with an average of 5/5 stars. However, there is something called Seller Rating that shows "N/A". I think that is the root of the issue we are having, that is the cause of the next two problems below.

3 - We used to see the Google Trusted Stores indicator in our Organic Google listings. The indicator does not appear anymore.
4- We used to see the Google Trusted Stores Seller ratings in our Organic and Adwords listings. They don't appear anymore.
5- I was able to use the Reviews Extension on our Adwords listings. I can't do that anymore.

I worked very had to implement this program and I'm frustrated as to why this is not working anymore. Our website is
Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks - Michael Stein

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Re: Trusted Stores Seller Ratings stopped appearing. Can't use Reviews extension anymore.

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Hi @Michael S,


Thanks for being a Google Trusted Store. I have verified that you are a Trusted Store with Google, which is great. There is nothing that needs done with this.


trusted stores.png


With that said, let's move on to the next part... Seller Ratings. The first thing to know is that simply being a Google Trusted Store will not make seller reviews populate across the web. You will need to review this information discussing Google Customer Reviews and this information covering the Seller Ratings on Google Shopping


And product reviews are different from official Reseller Reviews. If we look at this screenshot of the SERPs (search engine results pages), you will see that your product reviews are populating correctly.  


product reviews.png


So, you are doing really great with 2 of the 3 goals. The last one is seller rating. Seller ratings on Google Shopping may be based on one or more of the following sources.   


I can also add that there are periodic changes made to Google systems that can shake up something that once worked (as in your case) and then does not any longer. So the requirements you once met are not met now. 


Requirements: like the number of reviews needed and reviews from trusted partners to Google. If you used a service to collect your original reviews and that service breaks the partnership with Google, any reviews with them could/would be a possible issue for you now. Also, the reviews have to be unique and within the last 12 months, so if you had lots of reviews in the past years but not so many recently, you could be lacking sufficient, current reviews. 


The fact that you cannot use the review extension in AdWords now (when you could before), leads me to believe that you do not have 150 verified, qualified reviews. This number use to be less (I think 30), so this could be what changed with your situation. 


If you dig through the links I provided, I do think you will find information that will help you and lead you to your specific area of concern. 


Kind Regards,








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