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Tried everything still not logging in to ad words

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I recently installed the adwords editor on my PC. I despretly try to log-in and studied already the forum for advise:


1. My business google-account is already connected to adwords.

2. I am using the standard login (2 way verification is OFF)

3. I am connected via normal wifi (no company connection with firewall or so)

4. I enabled access for lesser secure apps in my google account settings as suggested in several forums.

5. I ensured that password and user is correct. I tried it a hundred times, when I login in the browser it works.


The error message I get is this one: "The account you are trying to access doesn't exist"


That's not true since I am currently logged in under exact this account.


One more thing: I have 2 google accounts (private and business). I am signed in with my business account on my browser, hence google should see me as the business customer, correct? Could this be the problem, a hick up with my 2 accounts? But why is adwords so convinced that the business account doesn't exist???


Any advise?


Thanks for help!


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Tried everything still not logging in to ad words

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Google Employee

Your account is in the middle of the sign-up process. Log into and complete the process. You need to get to the point where you are prompted to create your first campaign (you don't actually have to create one if you'd rather do it in Editor, but you need to get at least this far). Until then, the account won't be available in Editor.

Tried everything still not logging in to ad words

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Awesome, thanks that was the problem! Now it works.