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Time on Page - Session Length After Click on Ad

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Quick Background...not a newbie so to say ....involved in SEO and webdesign I have been managing client's accounts (adwords/analytics/webmaster tools) for years.

Horrific problem with 10 day old adwords campaign... never had such an issue... ie;
Oct 21st - 14 clicks - All 14 --> time on page 00.00 min/seconds
Oct 20th - 16 clicks - 15 time on page 00.00 secs - only 1 on page 01 min 14 secs

Ad is not a bait & switch type - it is detailed & specific as to type of service offered/location/pricing

Copy of Active Ad <-- COPY of AD  

Spoken to Google twice re issue:
One rep via chat insists prob is due to landing page design/layout
Other rep sending issue "up the line" ... have heard nothing back from anyone in 3 days

Costing money daily ..... zero results ....

Help or ideas anyone?

Thanks! :-)

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Time on Page - Session Length After Click on Ad

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Hi @Pro M,


From just a quick review of the ad and website (general site, not sure of your exact landing page), I would say the website is a large factor and needs work. It would not entice me to stay on the site or book a massage. In fact, the massage page leads me to think things could be sketchy with the low cut shirt being the focus. I have received physical therapy and therapeutic massage, have been around the industry as a website developer and business consultant... and the goal was to always be the complete opposite of what your client is portraying.  


I would rethink the website content (needs work), website design (outdated; looks like a old Frontpage site) , ad copy (needs work)... all of which will dial in better performance and overall strategy for the business to excel.


Further, why put in the ad Asian Massage for Men, when the site is geared at the term: Wellness, which is professional & proper for the industry? Why is "Best" in the ad? Why is there no punctuation in the ad? 


Sample Ad:

Deep Tissue Massage

Licensed Massage Therapists. Full Body.

Relax Sore Muscles & Restore Health.


Alternate wording:


Hot Stones Therapy. 

Shiatsu Oil Massage.

Full Body Massage.

Facial Massages.

Reflexology Massage.

Thai Massage Techniques. 

Medical Massage Professional.



Please know I do not mean to imply anything or to be disrespectful, I am merely offering an unbiased opinion of what my thoughts are. This is the purpose of this help forum and you may omit my contribution, if you so desire.


All the Best,




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Time on Page - Session Length After Click on Ad

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Not to be negative, but you asked for feedback - this is honest feedback. 


Based on 30+ years living in the Bay Area, the instant I see your headline I'm thinking of the kind of place the police raid in SF and SJ.  The ad is likely to be morally offensive to a culturally sophisticated person, so it's one of those very rare instances where I feel the urge to click on the ad then instantly close the page, just to burn the advertiser's click budget.


Being an AdWords pro, i would never do that sort of thing. But I'll bet a lot of people do.  It is absolutely no surprise to me that there is a 0 second average time on the landing page. 

James provided some great suggestions above, on how to make it more professional and perhaps attenuate the issue a bit.