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This Email address already has access to an AdWords account

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Hey AdWords Community!

In this article, I’ll be explaining one of the most common errors that you might get when trying to give access for your Adwords account to a new email address.


To make it easier for users to log into and manage their AdWords accounts, we allow an email address to be associated to only one Adwords account at a given time. This means, if you try to add the same email address to another account, you will get the above error message.


When this happens, you would need to unlink the email from the previous AdWords account and only then can add it to the new account. Here are the steps to unlink an email address from an account can be found here.


What is important to remember is that adding an email address to an account at any of the access levels counts as linking. This means even if an email address is added to an account as a Read Only or Standard access (and not at an Admin level), the email cannot be added to another account unless it is first unlinked from the old account.


Hope this was useful. Do feel free to leave any questions that you may have in the comments section below.

- Uma

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Re: This Email address already has access to an AdWords account

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