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Terrible customer experience

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Please pass this to a customer service supervisor in the USA.

I would like a follow up contact concerning this issue.

Second time in a year – “Ads disapproved – site violates policy”

Explanation from your Indian call center was that a crawl error last October – caused this. Our Google ads have been shut down since October 2016!

I routinely “fetch as Google” almost every 3 days without an issue.

However, since one spontaneous crawl while I was updating a very active site – failed.

Our advertising was shut down?

Yet we have paid Adwords over $53,000.00 since 9/2013?

The “supervisor” in the Indian call center – fails to realize my frustration.

I would like to be compensated for the marketing failure of having our Google advertising summarily disconnected for the last 6 months for your systems failures.

Free ads (of a certain monetary value) would be a minimal gesture – but would be adequate.

We are a legitimate medical weight loss company – and have been for 37 years as of March 1, 2017.

5 Physicians, 30 nurses, 6 front desk staff, 3 Corporate board members and a bookkeeper.

We have 37 years of experience and tens of thousands of successful patient episodes of care.

I understand what bad people have done to the opinions of our business.

We are not them – we are as legitimate as any other physicians’ office.

Please read our page – including the bills in congress referenced on our pricing page.



Les Grainger


Southampton Health Services










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Re: Terrible customer experience

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 Since I looked at the data from our site and business. For the periods that our ads were active vs. the abrupt and without notice shutdowns - I see no difference. Therefore, I see no need to spend money that is controlled by others and has zero positive effect. So, Yes, I have stopped all of our campaigns for now.

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Terrible customer experience

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How long after your ads were disapproved did you contact Google support?


Is it just ads disapproved or is your site suspended?


Have you had prior disapprovals / suspensions? (I see you have added disclaimers to the testimonials, this is usually done to fix a suspension...)


Re: Terrible customer experience

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Both -

I just found out about it today.

They killed our ads in October 2016.

Previously ads killed for the disclosure - fixed that.

The issue next was - ONE googlebot crawl failed in October 2016. So site was suspended and ads killed again!

Re: Terrible customer experience

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Future self initiated crawls were successful.

The Google initiated crawl in October was during an update of a very busy site.

Even if the October crawl failed - all of the other crawls - should have fixed their perceived error.

Terrible customer experience

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Hi Les,


So my understanding is:


All of your ads were disapproved by in October for your site being down.

You would have received an email from Google informing you of this.

You have not looked at your account, or noticed no payments being made to AdWords, for 6 months.


I agree that if an ad is disapprove for your site being down, Google should recrawl the site say 24 hours later and approve those ads if the site is back up. I'm sure Google has their reasons for this, and most likely they don't want ads from sites that have a sporadic uptime.


However, if you are leaving your AdWords account unattended, there are all sorts of things than can go wrong and I don't think Google is to blame. Imagine the opposite - your site goes down and stays down and Google doesn't disapprove your ads.



Re: Terrible customer experience

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Sorry - utter nonsense.

My site was up - and re-crawled via webmaster tools at least 100 times since October.

No emails received from AdWords - yet they killed our advertising.

Yes - Google is at fault.

I am extremely active, and update the site about every other day - and re-crawl and resubmit via webmaster tools approximately every 3 days.

SEO blasts every 30 days.

They had ONE bad crawl in October 2016.

No emails - no contact.

Yet I was charged - when I refilled my AdWords account today - I was then informed that our site was blocked for policy? No policy for this issue!

Next step is lawyers - tomorrow.

Terrible customer experience

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You will only have been charged for clicks on your ads.


Webmaster Tools crawls are not connected to AdWords. Different processes.


In terms of legal recourse, I think it would be hard to claim loss of business (from the ads not running) if you didn't notice a loss in business.


Re: Terrible customer experience

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Loss of Business for their failures are the core of the dispute.

Zero notification of the issue.

Blacked out on the resource.

We've spent over 53K with them and they act like rookies to the game.

Yet - when I contact an actual human - they are always in India.

Don't speak my language well.

Don't understand the issue.

I spend American dollars, for a product/service, In America.

That is an extremely legitimate business.

Yet, am constantly questioned, and cut off from valuable resources, to compete in a valuable business. In America.

Re: Terrible customer experience

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I would hope that Google (the new "super power" data and human control experiment) would at least have a real Customer Support email address. Instead of relying on a "community" of misinformed people to run their business. I would wholeheartedly fail as a business owner, if I failed to be available to our customers.

Terrible customer experience

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AdWords offers support via phone, video, chat and email. Use this page to see which are available to you, and when (be logged into to the Google account you use for AdWords)


Of this forum they say "The AdWords Community is an engaging network of businesses like yours, with tons of useful information."


We are not Google employees.