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Target and bid vs Bid only - Remarketing?

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Hello Friends,


It really hard for me to understand the difference between Bid only & Bid and Target for remarketing. Can you please help me with easy understandable answer.



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October 2016

Target and bid vs Bid only - Remarketing?

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Hi Akash,


Please go through the related article, hope it will help you to understand better.


Here is the Google help file regarding the same.


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Target and bid vs Bid only - Remarketing?

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Hello @Akash S,

If you are using both the keyword and placement targeting in your GDN campaigns then AdWords allows you to choose one of the bidding method based on your business objective.


Now suppose your campaigns have a keyword "mba admission" in your Ad Group and you have also added one placement "". here you can find two cases:-


1.) Show  your ads only "", when your keyword "mba admission" matches in the particular pages of the site ""



Target and bid: Show ads only on placements you've selected.

2.) If you want to show on sites based on your keyword e.g "mba admission", but you think that your potential customers visit specific website "", thus you could add "" as placement in your ad group and select "Bid only." Then, you could set a bid on those placements to increase your chances of showing there when your keyword matches that placement.


Bid only: Show ads on any placement when it matches other targeting methods in your ad group, like display keywords and topics.


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Target and bid vs Bid only - Remarketing?

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Target & Bid and Bid Only.


Suppose you want to target only those visitors who have already visited your websites, then Target & Bid comes into picture. Make sure you create a separate campaign where you are implementing Target & Bid and go for broad keywords match. It's is considered a good practice. You can make changes in your Ad-Copies so that user can get to know what's new is being advertised.


On the other hand, if you want to target new visitors as well as existing visitors, Bid Only is considered, here you can increase your bids for your existing visitors. 


RLSA Bid Adjustment Ranges From -90 to 900% and it can be implemented only at Ad-Group level. 


You must have come across Target & Bid and Bid Only at the time of creating display campaign.

Suppose you are using Keyword Targeting and Topic Targeting 

and for topic targeting you clicked on Target & Bid. Here it will take intersection of both the targeting options


For e.g your keyword is "engineering colleges" " admission in engineering colleges" and your Topic Targeting is "colleges and universities"  Your ad will be appeared on those sites where both the conditions are met.