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System now allowing me to remove keywords (or anything)...

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I am not new to Adwords by any means - and this is now actually starting to P*** me off.


I have a remarketing campaign set up and unfortunately we added some Topics & Keywords to the campaign. We now want to remove those and go back to what we had before, but the system is throwing me a stupid error message (never seen this before, even though I have performed these functions before). 



  1. Selecting either all check-boxes or just one does not work / throws this error above. 
  2. If I exclude the individual keyword or topic and try to remove it that way, it just re-activates the keyword or topic. Rince and repeat..
  3. Even selecting one row or all and trying to pause them, throws this error above.
  4. Sometimes, and once every 20 attempts, the proper message comes up "Are you sure you want to delete" but then when I click Ok, nothing happens and back to square one.

I am just trying to either REMOVE the keywords & topics but I keep getting this error message > which in turn is costing me clicks / impressions. I have removed the associated Topics & Keywords from the remarketing targeting settings but they still show within the individual tabs "Display Keywords" & "Topics". [censored]?


Please help Smiley Sad

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Re: System now allowing me to remove keywords (or anything)...

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Hi @Dru,


It's not the answer you'll want to hear, but have you tried contacting the chat support? I've had a couple of interface issues in recent months and they've been a big help in resolving them for me.


In the meantime, how about copying and pasting the campaign in AdWords Editor, remove the keywords and topics before posting the campaign and then just pause the one that has an issue?

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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