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Suspended? For what?

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Hello There!
Suddenly, I received an email from Adwords, that my account is suspended! I checked the payments and everything is working good, would you please explain more? I did not violate anything! It is a Youtube video, if I am violating anything, then it must be handled by Youtube not Adwords!


I am using almost all Google services, from GSuite, Google Cloud, to Adwords, and everything is working fine except Adwords!

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Suspended? For what?

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Hi there;
What was the reason for suspension mentioned in the email received from Google? (Look for this email - it is the key for understanding the issue)
Please share the URL of the site suspended.

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Suspended? For what?

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Good lucky you will end up chasing your tail with Google's so called support, you'll get the run around till you give up. I don't think google want's your money, I think they're betting to much on their self driving car.

Unreal !.