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Suspended Account - Mixed Messages

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Last week my account was suspended for a violation. I do not know what this violation was. The strange thing is, I was also sent a suspension notice to an email address that the Adwords support staff would not have access to. It is not linked to my Adwords account and not linked to a Gmail account.


So I appealed from my Gmail address that is linked to my Adwords account. This was rejected, with no reason. I sent a long email back explaining why I thought the suspension might be (some disapproved ads in the past due to URL errors/naivety). I doubt it could have been this anyway since my account has been running pretty much on autopilot for the last year. I received no reply. 


I was then sent a new suspension notice saying that there had been suspicious activity with my billing account. So seemingly the reason for my suspension had changed  


I have been making automatic payments since 2013 with absolutely no issue. I checked with my bank and there is no problem with payments. I have never missed a payment or had one rejected.


I then receive another email today to the email address that has no link to my account or any Gmail account saying that they now confirm that my account has been suspended. But I don't have an account on this address! There is no way that the Google staff could email me on that address. So I sent an email back asking that they contact me ASAP as clearly someone is using this email address pretending to be me and I am very concerned about it. This is probably the cause of the suspension.


Since last week I have called Adwords three times. As I have read from the experiences of others, I was simply told to appeal and a form was emailed to me. No one will speak to me about my account.


Adwords is my livelihood. I am an MCC account holder too. It has been one week and I can't run any campaigns. Clearly something is wrong here and I simply need to speak to a human to get to the bottom of it. I am genuinely concerned that someone has created an account using my details under the email address mentioned that is not linked to any of my accounts. 


I cannot believe that having been an Adwords customer for 6 years and a certified MCC with an impeccable account standing that not one person will contact me and help me investigate this serious issue. I am astonished that Google treats its customers/clients so badly. Having spoken with a large agency they told me "You won't get to speak to anyone unless you are doing $1m a month or have a dedicated account manager". Is that really how this works. 


Does anyone have any advice beyond submit an appeal? My next stop is to start looking for a job. Very sad times. 

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Suspended Account - Mixed Messages

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Hi there;
What was the reason for suspension mentioned in the email received from Google? (Look for this email - it is the key for understanding the issue)
Please share the URL of the site suspended.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Suspended Account - Mixed Messages

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I have received two reasons for being suspended on different days: 1. The first for a violation of advertising policies, 2. for billing violations. They don't seem to know which one I have violated.


I am also being emailed to an address that is not linked to any Google account, regarding a separate suspension case. So my fear is that identity theft is involved. 


I managed to speak to a Google rep earlier today. The member of staff seemed genuinely concerned and confused. He could not confirm how they had obtained this email address. He put me on hold for lengthy periods to speak with his colleagues, but each time came back seemingly downhearted, as if he had been told that he was not allowed to put me through to anyone more senior. I was told that there are a lot of notes about my account suspension on the computer and that he would contact the other support member dealing with it and relay what I had said.


He said he would follow up on this result via email and asked them to call me. I have not heard back and it has been 4 hours. I pleaded with him to have them call me, as I am seriously worried about a breach of my identity. I explained that Google should not have this email address. It is not linked to my Adwords account. It is highly likely that my identity is being used and if it is I need to inform my bank and other sensitive data sources immediately.


I am documenting all communications as this is now becoming a case far bigger than just a suspended account. 


Suspended Account - Mixed Messages

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Re: the URL. I run multiple campaigns both from my personal account and MCC. None of the sites are suspended/violate terms. Thanks for trying to help. Appreciated.