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I've been a Google Adwords advertiser for about 2 years and, according to my "All Time" date range, I've spend $65,000 with Adwords. Now our account is paused and will remain so unless and until we have clarity and comfort level.  Initially, the support offered was reasonably good. I would  have spent our entire adspend budget $150K/annual with Adwords had support been more productive. Now, recent customer service/support failures require that we pause all campaigns and direct our adspend elsewhere. I cannot have my bank account exposed with a company I no longer trust. 


As our own PPC skills increased (my wife now manages multiple PPC clients' accounts) Now, the strategic support is almost nonexistent. In fact, we learned recently that we have a dedicated "account manager". Pleased to learn this we reached out to him and asked for a strategy session. That session was brief and left us with many questions which he invited us to email to him. That was four months ago. A month ago, he placed a robo-call to ask irrelevant boilerplate questions we had covered on our one and only call. It was as though our discussion had never occurred. Even a low level support person reviews your communication and account before placing follow ups. This person is supposed to be our account manager? We asked why he never responded to our email. He said he'd been out of the office and would respond soon. That was many weeks ago.


Fast forward to about two weeks ago. We had a problem with our account overbilling and after some runaround we were promised a callback for a meeting with a supervisor who could explain what happened (if I am to trust my bank account with Google I require assurance and clarity about why the overcharge occurred to begin with). That "supervisor" was the same account manager who never responded to my 3 emails and 2 calls about strategy support. When I recognized I was dealing with the same person, I asked him about his failure to respond to me and also requested assistance from a superior (obviously do not trust this "account manager" to manage my account at this point). He did not provide that assistance nor the contact information for someone who could evaluate what happened here and the systemic failures that required me to pause my entire account since inception of the problem and failure to get answers.  


Our time is valuable and the time invested in this wasted. Companies that value their customers provide a clear path for resolution. Companies that don't permit a looping runaround as we see here. 

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Support Complaint

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Hi Allan,


Was the overbilling problem resolved?


Most advertisers in your situation find that the benefits of AdWords (getting highly targeted advertising on the dominant search engine) outweighs the issues you have described.

While it can sometimes take a while to resolve these types billing issues, the impression I get from frequenting here is that they do all get resolved.



Support Complaint

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Hi @Allan H R,


Sounds like a unpleasant journey. 


Since we are a public peer-to-peer help community, there is not much anyone here can do with your issue. I would suggest laying it all out in complaint with this interactive form. By doing so, you will help Google AdWords understand what is happening to you, as someone they do care about... and to allow them the chance to learn how their support team is reacting to your needs. 


Hope things smooth out soon.


Kind Regards,



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Support Complaint

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Many thanks for the reply. My concern isn't as much the overbilling--it's what happened to permit that to occur. I'm looking for answers and I keep getting redirected to the same person who assured me support (3 times) and who, to date, has failed to provide any. I simply don't have time or inclination to chase answers. Many thanks for replying though.