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Suggestions/requests for adwords editor - Datestamp the comments

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I think it would be a super handy shortcut if all comments made in adwords editor were automatically date stamped. Leaving comments to help me remember changes i made in accounts and why is my main reason for using editor and although its not too hard to just type in the date - there are plenty of times I forget to. Not sure where to post these kind of suggestions !
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Re: Suggestions/requests for adwords editor - Datestamp the comments

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Hi Flashcass
That's a fantastic idea and one I've actually shared at the AdWords level. It would be great to have notes/comments that are accessible to entire teams. Essentially, something almost identical to annotations in GA.

Right now, we're experimenting with shared folders for the main DB but it's now working out very well and it's looking like we'll have to revert.
The AWE team do a fantastic job and in fairness to them are super responsive to feedback.

I'll make sure this suggestion gets passed along.