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Struggling to Delete AdWords Account

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Hi there,


I've started to create an AdWords account (see screenshot below), but I would like to go back and delete the account. I need to do this because I've been given access to another AdWords account, which I can't access, as my personal email address is now associated with the AdWords account I've started to create.


The problem is that Google won't let me go back and I'm being forced to complete the setup process, which I don't want to do. Is there any way that I can delete my account at this stage? Or do I have to complete the process and then follow the instructions in the Delete AdWords Account thread, which says I must add a new user with admin capabilities, then log in as the new user and remove my personal email address from the AdWords account.


I would really appreciate any advice.





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Re: Struggling to Delete AdWords Account

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Hi Adrian,

No You can't delete at this stage so i will recommend to follow the below steps:

You'll need to create an alternative gmail address (if you don't have one then create one). Log in with your active email on Adwords (I hope you're an admin) and invite that new email address as a new user on the account. Once you accept the invite on the new account, switch to your current email and assign that new user as an administrator on the account. Then, once you can verify that the new user is an administrator, disassociate the original email address from the account.

If You delete the AdWords account then you can no longer invite a new user and you can't free your email id from this AdWords Account so please follow the process as suggested above.

I think this will help you to free up your email address from this AdWords account.

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Re: Struggling to Delete AdWords Account

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Hi @Silicon O


An account once created can't technically be deleted as it gets associated with that email permanently. The only way out is to make another email ID the admin for this account and then remove yourself. This will free your email. The thread you have shared already has the process in detail. You should follow the steps discussed. 


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