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Skip Payment Method in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi everyone!
We have a brand new NGO account that's first going to use an AdWords coupon, and then later change to another unknown payment method for the Google Ad Grant. But we can't finish the account's configuration because the system has no option for launching an AdWords account with the AdWords coupon. We need to select between bank transfers or making an immediate manual card payment. This is a big problem for our agency.

This means we can't start running the account, even if we have that coupon, which is absolute bullsh*t. This is a pathetic oversight by whoever made that system, and I'll be calling my account managers to get a solution, even if I have to ask them to override the system.


When I see any piece of software that lack options or menus just because a lack of creativity, it makes my blood boil. There's no excuse like "technical challenges" when what you lack is an option in a menu, it's just a lack of common sense.


We are very persistent and never let things like this go. This has helped us in the past with all of AdWords' menu defects and oversights.


Cheers, James.


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Skip Payment Method in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi James,


While I understand your frustration, that is pretty strong language when you consider this is something Google gives for free. 


Have you read the getting started guide?


If you follow the procedure, everything should work. But if you want to get your ads running before your Grant account is approved, that's not how things work. 

Skip Payment Method in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi Rob, thanks for your reply.


You are right, the tone was too aggressive, which can annoy the reader, so I toned it down just a bit.


In any case, I'm not complaining about the Grant (which is not for our agency, but for our client, we get nothing from it), I'm complaining about AdWords' interface, which has real UX issues of all kinds, unforgivable for a company as large as Google (or anyone really, it's 2017 not the 90s).


Google gets most of the advertising spend as revenue, while we the Marketing Agencies have to worry about keeping the client happy, reaching all KPIs, making them increase advertising spend (more money for Google, some extra crumbs for the agency) and so much more. In fact, the performance of any agency involved in the Google Partners program is mainly based on the total spend of all the agency's accounts, I wonder why. 


We agencies do all the heavy lifting and don't get a single cent from Google (and we don't expect to, we just need the right tool so Google can get more money). So, managing AdWords accounts is not at all something we should be grateful for, it's a win-win situation where Google gets the biggest win. Because online advertising is a competitive market, not everyone can win, someone will lose and so it's up to agencies to battle it out, deal with the clients and the competition, get results, and then get budget increases (that still mostly benefit Google).


Why bother printing AdWords coupons if they are unusable in new accounts? Get rid of the coupons so we agencies don't get caught between a client that wants to use them, and a system that doesn't let us use them.


As for the problem at hand, you are right, what we'll do is create a temporary AdWords account, use deposit payments, so we can not ever do a deposit and just use the coupon, then cancel the account in one month and create a new one for when the NGO papers are ready (I still think a menu would be better, obviously). Clearly, AdWords is not suited to the needs of their own coupons, as you still need another payment method anyways (cash grab?).


In any case, even ignoring the NGO situation, I still can't activate an AdWords account without a payment method that my client's never going to use, so following the procedure doesn't help because the procedure is broken (Google needs to add the coupon as a valid initial payment method).


Still, thank you for your time.


Cheers, James.


Skip Payment Method in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi James,

I work at a large agency, and we have lots of small clients that just want to try AdWords out for free - and we use the vouchers. It works well. We add their billing, and they don't complain.


Google isn't broken, they are a for profit business. They give out vouchers with the expectation that new clients will like the results and keep running ads when the voucher runs out.


Requiring billing details means that when the voucher runs out, ads will keep running. That is in Google's best interest. 


I'm sure billing details are also required to keep out spammers and fraudsters. It is a way of identifying people who have previously had an AdWords account.


If you have clients who want to just spend the voucher and no more, then that's a lot of work on your part building the campaigns, presumably for free. But if you intend to switch off their ads before the voucher runs out, just use your own credit card.


Skip Payment Method in Adwords Account Setup

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