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Skip Billing in Adwords Account Setup

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The Adwords signup process has changed since I used it last. I have two questions:


Is there any way to skip billing setup, so I don't have to stop and wait for the client to enter his billing information into an incomplete account?


Will the keyword and add that I was forced to enter be live once the client enters his billing info? 



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Re: Skip Billing in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi @Troy P


This is a tricky situation.
Unless it was recently changed (again), if you didn't skip the guided setup in the first place, you have to complete the setup, including Billing.
Check this link, for visual and detailed explanation:

Re: Skip Billing in Adwords Account Setup

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Thanks @Arik. You're right. I missed that link on the first page of the setup and got sucked into the guided setup never to return. Luckily my client was click to add the cc info and the campaign was paused once I got in. Just had to clean up a little bit of ugliness created by the guided setup.

Skip Billing in Adwords Account Setup

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Hi Troy. 


This is a big problem for our agency. We have an NGO account that's first going to use an AdWords coupon, and then later change to another unknown payment method for the Google Ad Grant. 


This means we can't start running the account, even if we have that coupon, which is absolute bullsh*t. This is a pathetic oversight by whoever made that system, and I'll be annoying everyone I can at Google (including my account managers) to get a solution, even if I have to call them and demand they override the system.


When I see any piece of software that lack options or menus just because a lack of creativity, it makes my blood boil. There's no excuse like "technical challenges" when what you lack is an option in a menu, it's just a lack of common sense.


Don't worry, we are very persistent and never let things like this go. This has helped us in the past with all this AdWords defects.


Cheers, James.


Skip Billing in Adwords Account Setup

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