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Site suspended :( advice needed

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Hello AdWords community.

My website is suspended for misleading content. I'm really not sure that I'm going to fix it as I was planning to create new website for quite some time. It seems Google just made my decision easier to just let this website.

I'm going to register a new domain and build whole new website, this time playing by the Google rules.

1. Should I create new account in this case or I can just change the ad urls in the existing account?

2. Could I get in a dangereous position if I do this with the fact I'm going to leave my current website suspended?

That being said my friend asked me to create and manage adwords acc for his business (with his credit card and all the info).

3. Will I be able to do this with my suspended site situation?



Community members please take a min and help a poor little AdWords user :I





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Site suspended :( advice needed

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@Meshi M

A cornerstone  in Google's Policy is fixing the violation. You will not be reinstated until you fix the site.  Abandoning the site or the domain, or opening new accounts  will NOT resolve the issue. You  must fix the site.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Site suspended :( advice needed

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Create the new website on the existing domain, and get the suspension lifted.


Then, later, if you feel the new domain will help in anyway, put the site on the new domain and point ads there.


It's only a little bit more work and will keep you in Google's good books. 


Site suspended :( advice needed

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@RobSkelton, @MosheTLV


Thank you for explanation.


What about my friends business. If right now I'm unable to create new accounts, can someone else create it for my friwnd and send invite to one of my emails which have nothing to do with suspended site AdWords account? Can I then safely accept this invitation from 3rd party?


I'm not sure how this works. It would take time for me to edit or completely rebuild website on suspended domain and my friends wants me to start advertising his business in the following days.



Site suspended :( advice needed

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Hi Meshi,


There's no policy against helping a friend with their account.


However, it is up to Google to decide if that looks like you are trying to get around a suspension. I wouldn't risk it. 


To help your friend, use your friend's computer (at his normal location) and your friend's AdWords login.