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Site Suspension

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Sir.. On my adwords campaign it says my Website has been suspended and violates googles policies. But it never told me exactly what policy so i can fix it. It sent me an email and the email was very vague. It said misleading content but I don't understand how it could be considered misleading because I made 6 posts about how to cure warts, then also recommended a product if people didn't want the natural home remedies. I disclose the fact that I make an affiliate commission.. and my content matches my ad. "Wart Removal"... Please help me!


Site is:


still adding new content and a landing page. please help me cause I can't figure it out..

Re: Site Suspension

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I believe that the site has to add value, but where you may be an issue
is an affiliate marketing. You must answer the question:

Why would someone buy from you rather than the parent company selling
the product. You can provide informative content, but does buying from
you give the user value.

Check out this video on what was found on another post:

Hope this helps

Thank you

Alex Aguirre

Site Suspension

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Hello @Nigativety,


Sorry to hear you are having problems with your adwords advertising, however, based upon policy, I believe Google's decision is correct.  There are several issues that need MAJOR correction.  In fact, its too much to go over in a community forum.  I will post the most serious issues here, but you really should seek an independent adwords specialist for hands-on help as there is a lot of work to do to fix the problem. 


In the meantime, here are the major areas of improvement:

1. Untrustworthy Promotions -  Currently, your business model itself and the business details and such are vague, ambiguous, and overall untrustworthy to allow people to interact with it.   It would be considered, in my opinion, a "high risk" business to partner with for google.


2.  Misrepresentation (Misleading and Inaccurate Claims) - Although you are trying to tone your claim language down, it isn't enough and you also bridge to a page that makes unrealistic and inaccurate claims.  Since you link to that site, you are held liable for them as the advertiser.


3.  Bridge Page -  the main or sole purpose of your site is to bridge back to another site.  Not allowed as how you are doing it per policy in my opinion


4. Cloaking and Gaming - your sites interaction with my browser is suspect and does things without my permission, even though I see there isn't malicious intent.


and much, much more.


Sorry for such a cloudy review, but I want to be honest with you where you stand in my opinion about your advertising.

Site Suspension

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OMG @Alex A,  can't believe you brought that old video by me out of the closet Smiley Happy  that is too funny.  Forgot I even did that conference call!