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Site Suspended

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kindly send this mail to your senior person who can understand and solve the issue
also consider this as a feedback and complaint against dushyant for mishandling the entire situation 
i have been forced to do unnecessary changes in the entire website and my whole campaign and website is suspended since more than ten days
everytime we do the changes , he come with new objection and say do that changes or put this in website etc 
again we do that then , some new things come up . this entire experience of doing the changes has been happening since last ten days
if you have any objections or violation , you should tell one time whatever changes has to be done  
its impossible to keep doing the changes and waiting for new violation and loosing the enquiries for that time being
if this keep on going then i will close this account permanently
i am sure you will send this feeback to higher authority
because of one person mishandling and unprofessional attitude , i should not suffer
i think there are better person who can handle the entire issue in more swift manner and more professionally 
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February 2016

Re: Site Suspended

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Re: Site Suspended

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i have already done that

waiting for there response