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Site Suspended For Malware?

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Super frustrating experience with AdWords support... we have a site flagged for malware, but there is none on it and never has been. We run over 800 sites on our servers and they sit behind an enterprise firewall w/very tight rules, an Intrusion Prevention System, an HAProxy load balancer that drops non-http traffic and tight rules on our end web servers. Not impossible to get malware, but so unlikely as to be close to it. So the initial flagging was concerning, as we take security very seriously. Problem is, that flag does not show up in search console, the url is not on any malware database, I ran it through multiple scanning sites and it's clean, did local malware and virus scans through our entire code base, etc. etc. Not one iota of malware anywhere to be found. And support will not give us what they are flagging for.

So now we got this last comment from support:

"I understand you are concerned about your website status. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated the issue to the specialist team and they mentioned that unfortunately the site cannot be re-enabled. As the site is detected engaging in specific malicious behavior, which cannot be removed.

As we are from support team, we do not have access to check or review the website to find the compromised URLś which are causing the malware. Hope you understand. Also, I´d request you to check with your webmaster, as he will be able to review all the pages in your website. "

I am dumbfounded. If you're going to flag me for something, at least have the decency to tell me for what. What the heck can I do about this? I've spent weeks on this and have never found one thing wrong nor any smoking gun as to why. Help!

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Re: Site Suspended For Malware?

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engaging in malicious behavior on the ad-networks is
not necessarily isolated to malware directly on a site.


the violation can also be triggered by pointing to other malicious websites or
ads, not adhering to a google-api policy, or simply pointing to another website

with content that does not conform to google-corporate software/api policies

or any related transparency policies.


agent-specific or other more transient content infections might also be
considered, as these can be difficult to detect or remove permanently.


however, this is primarily a peer-to-peer forum; forum-members can mainly

offer suggestions based on the information that is posted here in public.


posting in the google-webmaster-central security forum,

or recontacting google to ask for additional clarification,

may sometimes help.



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Site Suspended For Malware?

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Wanted to post a followup on this thread in case someone else has this issue and is stumped like we were... the problem ended up being that we had hard-coded http:// links in our page(s), which were not obvious in our testing because I had https redirects on our load balancer, so our browsers showed the sites as compliant. 

From my testing it appears that google does not actually render those pages when checking (at least in this case), it only looks at the html source, so my redirects never were fired off. So the moral of the story is if you can't find the reason you're getting flagged as malware (outside scans, etc.) and you get denied, look at the source html code in your pages and make sure you don't have any hard coded http:// links in there. Once we cleaned those up we were cleared.
Hope this helps someone, this took us a couple weeks to work through.

Site Suspended For Malware?

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My site has been suspended, approved, suspended and approved every other day. Initially without my having done anything to the site, it was approved several times. So how can it have malware one day and none the next? I've scanned it with everything and it shows nothing. Support is no help at all. Waited on the phone for over 45 minutes trying to talk to someone ended up hanging up. Just spoke to chat who asked me for all my info and said someone would call. No one did. Talked to someone a few days ago who said he would call back the next day. Didn't. So frustrated... and my site sits suspended.

Site Suspended For Malware?

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Very much a similar experience. I think it's because they don't actually see why a site was suspended, and don't have any resources to check. Very frustrating, for sure. I don't have any special sauce to share, but would be happy to use the same process we use to see if you have any of the issues we found when it happened to us. Just send me your site and I'll see if I can get one of our devs to give it a look.