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Site Suspended Due to Malware

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I also have the same problem. My ads are not running because our websites got suspended because of malware, <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> and <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> We&#39;ve already checked our websites for possible malware but we didnt see any. Please help, how can we solve this?


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As a best practice, please do not post links to sites that are suspected of having Malware in this or any other public forum.
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Re: Site Suspended Due to Malware

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Hi there,


Sometimes it might happen that your website had malware for a while which was then rectified. You'll have to ensure it is clean and safe 100% of the times. VirusTotal shows a clean site for all of them. However, you can request a review of your website (link here) if you're sure that your website is free from malware.


Feel free to write back!

Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Site Suspended Due to Malware

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If your site is infected with malware or unwanted software, you can request a malware or unwanted software review. According to Google Adwords policy, We want ads to be useful, varied, relevant and safe for users when serving them across the Google Network. violations of adwords policies cause your site suspended. there are some webmaster guideline to clean your site. follow as given. for more insight of adwords policies visit the link

Prepare for your review - You must first take action on your own site before requesting a review.

1 - Make sure your site is free from any infected code and content.
2 - Make sure your site does not serve binary malware or unwanted software downloads.
3 - Make sure your site complies with the Google Adwods policies.

Request a review - Once you've performed the steps above, you can request a review.

Google recommends the following steps:
1 - Visit the Google SafeBrowsing diagnostics page for your site (

2 - Scan your computer using an up-to-date scanning program to identify any malicious code the hackers might have added

3 - If your site has been infected with malware, check the Malware page in Search Console. (On the site dashboard, click Health and then click Malware.)

4 - Use the Fetch as Google tool in Search Console to detect malware that might be hidden from the users' browsers, but served to Google's search engine crawler.

5 - f you have access to your server, follow these additional steps:
Check to see if any open redirects in your site have been exploited.Check your .htaccess file (Apache) or other access control mechanisms depending on your website platform for any malicious changes. Check your server logs to see when files were hacked (bearing in mind that hackers can alter your logs). Look for suspicious activity such as failed sign-in attempts, command history (especially as root), or unknown user accounts.

And perform clean up action in the website according to

After follow above process make request the review request to Google Adwords. I hope it will be sure recover your site for safe user experience.

Site Suspended Due to Malware

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I've checked it on that site and detection ratio is always 1/64 yet I remain suspended and even when the approve my site a couple days later it gets suspended again.