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Share of potentail Impression vs. AdBlocker

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Hi Folk,


Does anyone know whether the AdWords Report "Share of potential Impression". "excludes Adblocker etc. and really shows the real expenditure figures, or whether possibly 50% of the users who are there ads can not see because Adblocker ???


THX for answer and greetings Kai


German AdWords TC

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November 2015

Re: Share of potentail Impression vs. AdBlocker

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Oh... Kai is visiting us.   Great seeing  you here, Kai.  Smiley Happy

The data reported of impression share (or any other metric reported) is "pure" data and ignores / excludes any extension.


PS: I personally think that there is more "hype" around ad-blocker than  actual use by users. I have seen many who have installed the extension and when conflicts or disruptions in browsing started - disabled it. 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Share of potentail Impression vs. AdBlocker

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Hi @MosheTLV


Thanks for your answer Smiley Very Happy Here in Germany the number of Adblocker increases continuously and will be discussed again and again.


P.S.  personally I think the same like you.


best regards from cold Germany