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Scheduling Ads

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I would like to ask how do I schedule my ads to run daily by itself and for it to run between (10am to 10pm)? Because I have been manually 'enabling my ads' daily using my smartphone app because it doesnt run by itself even though I tried scheduling them with the automated rules.

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February 2016

Re: Scheduling Ads

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Hi Steve


You can set the ad scheduling from here :




Do remember that ad scheduling works on the basis of time zone selected while creating the account not by the time zone where you are promoting. You can check your account time zone from here:



Re: Scheduling Ads

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Thanks AbhishekS, Am also finding it uneasy. It seems this works for some type of campaigns. Am running an App install campaign


It shows me This operation is not supported by this campaign

Is there another way i can do this (scheduling ads 10am-5pm daily)?


pause ads.PNG