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Safer Internet Week Post: Google & you, the perfect security partners

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Google Employee

Hello everyone. Hope all is well and your AdWords revenue is soaring like the mighty eagle through the clear blue skies. Today, we conclude our series of posts dedicated to Safer Internet Day but have no fear, there will be more security tidbits coming from me in the future.


I would like to conclude this series by giving a summary of some of the things that we do to keep you and the ad network safe. Our approach to security has always been a partnership; a combination of tools and features we provide (such as Password Alert, or fighting bad ads) and the actions you take (such as having strong passwords and enabling 2FA). Only together can we truly be safe, if one party drops the ball on security, it doesn’t work - you are only as strong as your weakest link.


So here are just a few things that we do to ensure you are safe (that I haven’t covered in the past):


  • Informing users about potentially unsafe messages: When you send emails from Google accounts, your connections are encrypted and authenticated. That means no peering eyes can read those emails as they zoom across the web, and you can be confident that the messages you receive are really from the actual sender. We’ve introduced a notice that you’ll see in Gmail before you send a message to a service that doesn’t support encryption and you’ll also see the broken lock icon if you receive a message that was sent without TLS encryption.



  • Protecting you from phishing sites and unwanted software: Phishing sites and emails are a massive pain for advertisers. They mimic legitimate sites and trick you into entering confidential information like your username and password. One of our studies found that some phishing sites can trick victims 45% of the time! Once a phishing site has your information, the information could either be sold or used to manipulate your accounts. But Google Safe Browsing will protect you from social engineering attacks by providing a warning if you are about to click on a site deemed suspicious.



Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 1.06.08 PM.png  


  • Preventing unwanted ad injectors in advertising: Ad injectors are programs that insert new ads or replace existing ones into the pages you visit while browsing the web. They are the worst; they simply have no place in the online ads experience. We’ve released a measure to remove injected ads from the advertising ecosystem, including an automated filter in DoubleClick Bid Manager that removes impressions generated by ad injectors before any bid is even made.

This is just a snippet of things that we do to keep you and the ads network safe and our commitment remains steadfast. I hope you’ll join us in the ongoing security partnership. Thank you so much for following us over the course of the week. Stay tuned for more security updates from me in the future.


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