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Review Process Taken More Than 72 Hours

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Hello Google Team.


I have requested a fast review of my account with our account strategists and it's over 72 hours.


Ads are enabled but we're not getting the ads to run or generate views despite over 400 USD a day budget, one of the highest CPVs BIDs in the country and ensuring that we have a stand alone AdGroup only for YouTube's Ads.


The channels are linked properly. GA code is fine. Targeting is done via Demographics, Proper Placements Selected, Interests Topics, etc etc. All manners are enabled and properly set.


Please do help.

Review Process Taken More Than 72 Hours

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re: "Hello Google Team":  this is a forum where AdWords professionals offer volunteer advice, you are not corresponding with Google.  Google monitors this forum and will post on occasion, but if you want to reach Google regarding an issue, this is not the right place.  Here are the various ways to reach Google AdWords support:


In my experience, Google has thousands of requests for account reviews coming in daily and they have support queues which sometimes become overwhelmed.  But i have never seen them "drop the ball" once they commit to look at something.  It doesn't hurt to check in with them on status after a few days pass.