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Report with all the users in the MCC

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We have a big MCC with several MCC that contain many accounts. Every month or so there are new people leaving the team so we have to revoke access to the account. We normally give permissions to the highest MCC level so that person has access to all the account under it. The problem is some account are old or have lower MCC permissions and we have to go though those accounts to delete the user. Does exist a report with the details for users so we can locate at what level the user is instead of going to every single account?




Re: Report with all the users in the MCC

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Hi Diego!

I'd be interested if someone in the community knows a way to do this, but as far as I am aware each account managed by an MCC is separate and discreet and there is no way to pull a list of all users and permissions under an MCC account.

It sounds like the current system you use will make revoking permission easy to manage, but for those users from old accounts with lower permissions to individual accounts you will have to check all the possible accounts manually and revoke permission of the ex-employee where ever you find it.

Best of Luck