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Rename adgroups (1000+) in bulk

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Dear Adwords experts,

I would like to rename all my adgroups (1000+) to get a consistent adgroup structure (and make analysing/ optimizing easier). I got the account from somebody who made a mess out of it.
All related adgroups for the same product got different adgroup-names which makes analysing and optimizing diffilcult. I would like to rename these adgroups and bundle adgroups that are related or promoting the same product.
I've tried to bundle them by using the final url's of the ads as adgroup names and strip the URL after, but this got to complicated.

Any ideas how to rename and relate adgroups in bulk?

Adgroup situation now (same product):
blue cars
blue cars #2
cars blue
cars clue color #2
blue car
etc etc

Preferred situation: all related adgroups have the same basic name
Blue cars
Blue cars #2
Blue cars #3
Blue cars #4
Green cars
Green cars #2
Green cars #3
etc etc

In the preferred situation the Adgroups are nicely grouped and alphabetically ordered.

Is there a way to group existing adgroup-titles in bulk?

Many thanks in advance for ideas & help!!

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Re: Rename adgroups (1000+) in bulk

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Hi Q-Mark,
I've just inherited an account like this. It's super annoying. The "opportunities" feature suggests breaking out ad groups into more thematic topics but it gives multiple adgroups generic names like #2 and #3. It's frustrating when the previous manager just accepts the defaults.

I'm sitting here right now looking at tens of thousands of them. It's starting to look like I'm going to have to manually go through the KEYWORDS for each of the adgroup sets and create new ones based on volume and theme. This is obviously overkill for you but you're going to end up in the same spot soon enough. Alphabetical generic names wont help much.

However, if that's the route you want to take, like in the other thread, AWE is your friend. The new version of AWE has some pretty advanced layered filtering built right in. Using that and a search and replace is how I'd do it.

Re: Rename adgroups (1000+) in bulk

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Hi Dave,

Wow, you're really making an effort here Smiley Happy Thanks!
Your exactly having the same issue as me and I'm still trying to not and up doing the overkill thing...

There should be a way to use the Final URL (as this is the only unique element) as Adgroup names and than strip them? I'm now thinking about making single-keyword adgroups via Excel. This way I can combine the 'Adgroupname + keyword' as a structure. Ofcourse this is not ideal for history, stats etc. but saves a month.

I'll keep looking for a smarter solution Smiley Happy