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Hello Community!


Hope this message reaches you all well. 


I have a small question/remark/concern. I want to run a re-marketing campaigns for one of my apps, I have collected cookies for a while and now I have more than enough cookies to launch a remarketing campaign. 


However, whenever I am in shared libraries > remarketing list | I do not see my remarketing lists there, its like they do not exist. Whenever I go to my Google analytics dashboard for that app I see that I have enabled remarketing and made three lists. 


Maybe I am overseeing things or forgetting a crucial step in the process, I have been trying to 'live chat' with the Adwords team for two days but they seem to not be available.


Help is highly appreciated.

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Hi Carlos,


Good question!


It sounds like you need to import your Google Analytics remarketing lists into your AdWords account.


See instructions here:


I hope that helps!





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Just to add to John's answer - you need to make sure that your GA and AdWoreds accounts are linked in both directions - by that I mean you must check in AdWords that "linked accounts" under the gear icon has a link to GA and that in GA under the admin tab -> Adwords accounts you have them linked there.


Then within your remarketing audience, you will want to make sure that the AdWords account is enabled for that particular audience.


Check those things and let us know if you're still having problems.