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Punishment for accidently starting a new AdWords account

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Ok, so it seems I've made the mistake of creating an adwords account and associating it with my normal gmail address. 


Now, if I understand correctly, in order to get my email address associated with correct adwords account that is owned by my customer,  I not only have to create a fake adwords campaign and enter my credit card details (just to reach the settings option), but also carry out the following actions:


1. Get a throwaway email address from gmail (or anywhere).
2. Log into your personal account.
3. Send invitation to the new email address.
4. Log out completely from all Google properties.
5. Click on the link in the email (the new address)
6. Select "I already have an account" and continue.
7. This adds the new address to your account.
8. Log out
9. Log back in with the old address.
10. Confirm the addition and promote new user to admin
11. Log out completely.
12. Log in with the new address.
13. Remove your old address from the account
14. Log out completely
15. Proceed to accept invitation to the new account. (Select "I already have an account")


I wonder if google thinks this is reasonable and if they have any intention of changing it.  Seriously, this is really unacceptable.


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Re: Punishment for accidently starting a new AdWords account

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Hi @Nigel B there's no need to create a fake Campaign or enter billing details, as far as I'm aware - you can skip/cancel out of these steps during setup.


You will need to create a dummy Google Account to replace your "real" one as owner of the created Account before you can use it elsewhere.


Most client managers do not run into this problem because we would usually use MCC linking, which works differently.



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Re: Punishment for accidently starting a new AdWords account

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Hi @Nigel B;

If you are managing accounts  on behalf of clients, the best way to that is by setting an MCC account.

The long and a bit complex  workflow, you outlined is required to verify that the  right person is granted an access to the correct account (the there have been mistakes before....)

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Re: Punishment for accidently starting a new AdWords account

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Whilst this is a long winded process, we must remember that without these checks and balances, our Google AdWords accounts would be at risk from being hijacked.

And although it is messy, it does make sense. Google need to be sure that the person who is either changing things or, more importantly, being charged for things and being liable for payment, is the person authorised to do so.

Re: Punishment for accidently starting a new AdWords account

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Using the MCC, creating a new account for a client literally takes 5 seconds. All you do is enter the name and time zone of the account.

Then you can build it in AdWords Editor, and enter the client's details at your leisure.