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Products in Merchant Center sent by Shopify vs Products in Campaign

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Thanks in advance for any help - I am new to Google Adwords but did not find a solution to this in the forum.   

Our website uses Shopify platform.  We sell apparel.  Each style is available in different sizes and each is given a distinct product number (id.)


We used Google Shopping App for Shopify to load our products.

When I look in Shopify/Apps/Google Shopping/ All Products it shows 288 products published.  That number is correct since we only want each unique style to be shown once.  


In Google Merchant Center/Product List it shows 945 products and in Campaign Management/Products it shows 945 products.

It appears one style is listed multiple times in different sizes.  


We want each style to only be shown once.  It should not be shown once for each size available. 

How can I adjust/remove the extra product listings?  


Again I appreciate your help!  Many of your earlier replies have proven to be spot on useful!

Thanks - Carol  


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Products in Merchant Center sent by Shopify vs Products in Campaign

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the merchant-center products-list-tab sounds correct, per google's policies.

only physical inventory items are allowed to be submitted --
each physical inventory item-offer becomes one shopping-ad.

google does not allow submitting any such style listings, category-pages,
parent-products, virtual products, any listing that represents multiple
items not sold as a single-offer, or any listing that represents multiple
products that come in variants -- sizes, colors, patterns, materials.

each physical inventory item must be submitted separately.

for example, if an item comes in multiple sizes/colors, each item must be
submitted separately, as individual (physical) inventory item-offers, with
identical item_group_id and proper variant attributes (color, size, etc.),
for all items, within each variant-group.

for example, a shirt that comes in two colors and three sizes, requires
six, individual, physical, in stock, inventory, items to be submitted --

assuming all are wanted to be listed as shopping-ads.

any variant submitted improperly -- not a physical item, or without proper
item_group_id and proper variant-attributes -- are policy violations and
grounds for the listings to be removed from the auctions, disapproval,

or a suspension from the program, at any time.

that said, google does not require all physical inventory items to be submitted.

for example, only one of the shirts, or only one, default, physical inventory
item shown on a landing-page -- only the abc-shirt in blue medium -- may be
chosen to be submitted, without submitting any of the other variant-products.


a best-practice is to verify items within the products-tab, by clicking on the
item's title, and verifying that item_group_id and variant attributes, for all

items in a variant-group, are being submitted properly -- for any item-offer

that comes in a different size, color, pattern, or material.


steps may also be taken within the ad-account to

limit which physical items may be shown to users --

using inventory filters, product-groups, bid-strategies,

negative-words, ad-groups, priorities, geo-targeting,

day-parting, and other targeting methods, related to

shopping-campaigns and shopping-ads.



Products in Merchant Center sent by Shopify vs Products in Campaign

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Thanks so much for your prompt reply.

I have already separated by product group and am looking into how to utilize inventory filters to help with the situation.  My concern is that a shirt style sold in 6 sizes would (potentially) be advertised 6 times as often as a shirt style available in only size.  Is my logic correct?  If so, would I want to filter the products to only show each style in one size (for example Medium) and then customers will be able to select the size they want when they go to the product listing on the website ?  

Products in Merchant Center sent by Shopify vs Products in Campaign

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first, you're welcome.

items show based on the bid and quality factors.

if the item has enough bid and enough quality --
is relevant to the search-terms a user types --
then, an item may win a slot in the auctions.

if the proper physical inventory details are submitted, per google's rules,
policies, guidelines, recommendations, and best-practices, then google,
usually, does the right thing with respect to showing what a user wants.

verify that both item_group_id and variant attributes
are being submitted properly, for all variant groups.

otherwise, there is little practical danger in google showing six shopping-ads
from the same merchant's set of variants, even for very broad search-terms --
assuming the items and attributes are being submitted properly.

that said, always inspect click, impression, conversion, and similar data,
on a regular basis, to help determine, if what is actually happening in the
auctions, is meeting the business's goals and objectives, and is in-line with
the current bidding-strategy and product-inventory being submitted.

poor-performing items may be isolated within the ad-account,

or improved on with respect to a landing-page and submitted

data, in a variety of ways, depending on the business's goals.


if certain physical items are still wanted to be removed

from being submitted, at all, then the best likely course

would be to contact shopify-support directly.


as an aside, be certain no physical inventory items are also being submitted
to google from any other website or venue (ebay, etsy, etc); that can trigger
duplicate-listings or multiple listings from the same merchant, in the same
auction -- which is a (separate) policy violation.

regardless, currently, google's rules do not allow submitting
one, single, virtual, item to represent multiple physical items.


see also