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Problem with Adding a Second Domain

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I have tried to add a new domain so that i can use this within our adGrants. Since its one of our main events that domain needs to be marketed separately from our usual infosite.


I copy the AdWords-ID that i get from the top right corner. Everytime though i get this message as a result.



Thank you for submitting a request for adding an additional website domain(s) to your Google Ad Grants account.

Unfortunately, we're unable to approve your request for the following website domains:


When you submitted your account information, it appears that your AdGrants Customer ID was either incorrect or not included. You can find this ten-digit number in the right hand corner at the top of each page in your AdGrants account, with the format XXX-XXX-XXXX.

As a reminder, you are allowed to advertise only the approved website domains. Your account is subject to automatic pausing or cancellation without notification if it is in violation of our policies and guidelines. For any additional questions, please visit our Google Ad Grants Help Center


The Ad Grants Team


I do not know what i'm doing wrong, the ID requested is there, and its correct so why do I get a message that its not correct?


// Oliver

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Re: Problem with Adding a Second Domain

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@Oliver S

Approval of secondary domains are not automatic and there are several related items that could cause the denial - specifically:

  • if the secondary website does not show a clear connection to the organization and approved domain
  • if the secondary domain is commercial in nature
  • the secondary website is on a domain not owned by the organization (i.e.
  • the secondary website does not meet the eligibility guidelines and includes affiliate links, Ad Sense or financial products
  • a number of other items.

If you do not feel that any of these items apply to your situation, let me know and there might be something else that we can look at.

Problem with Adding a Second Domain

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Hi @RobertCoats,


Thanks for the reply.

Well i would guess if that was the case shouldnt the error say that? Right now the error just say, You do not have, or have an invalid adword-ID.

Otherwise how to I make the sites to there is a clear connection? There is info on both about the other?

The site i would like to add is the event-site with information about our annual free of charge gaming convention for youths that our gaming clubs hosts.

/ Oliver