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Poor Serice in Malaysia

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There is no question that Google is an iconic global company, and as such we as consumers should expect seamless high-quality service standards irrspective of our country location. This concept seems to be lost on the "Campaign Specialists" in Malaysia who appear set in their ways and deliver slip shot service that one could expect from much lower status corporations.


I was infuriated when one of these so-called "specialists" made an appointment for a telephone call to "review your account and discuss what’s working and what we can improve" and then failed to keep the appointment. No follow contact, rescheduling, apology, nothing……DON'T THESE PEOPLE  FEEL ANY SENSE OF SHAME?


Via email I complained and requested that my complaint be elevated to a SENIOR SUPERVISOR. This didn't happen, and received a call from another "Campaign Specialist" at the same level. I protested, and then received an apologetic email from a "Team Manager"  citing "system glitches" for the issue. So everything externalised, with talk of mistakes etc.


Quite simply this is an example of poor management within Google Malaysia and an arrogant attitude towads customers. The top management probably have no idea what is going on at the customer level, or perhaps they do and don't care. I have not seen this attitude in other countries (I have lived/worked in around 20 countries).


I'm over Google Ads......will keep clear of them in Malaysia.

Re: Poor Serice in Malaysia

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Community Manager

Hi Mike, 


I totally understand what you are saying and I'm sorry you had to go through this. 


I'm going to reach out to you via email to get further details about this call. After that, I plan to pass on the feedback to that team and keep you in the loop.