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Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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I got call and email from one of the Adwords Support and I don't like how she handles our account. She contacted the owner and the me because there is something to be improved on the account. It's like she's implying to the owner that I don't know Adwords and I am wasting the money of the company. I am an SEO specialist with 8 years xp.
She cc'd both me and the owner that she offering "free Adwords consultation", she proactively called us about setting a meeting so that we can improve our account but she knew that I am handling the SEO and Adwords and I told her not to sound that I don't know about Adwords because I would lose my credibility. I am the one who convince the owner to use Adwords.
Now, we scheduled for a 5pm call but I wasn't able to Answer the call and then she email both of the owner and me about me missing the appointment.
I totally understand that she wanted to help BUT all I am asking is that she should have handled this conversation such a way that I don't know Adwords.
Please if there are any Adwords managers for support I need to connect to you. I don't know if Google also evaluate the quality of service thru email. She using a Google email: k.***** Please I cannot stop her from making unnecessary things that might destroy the current relationship between the owner and me. 
I don't know what to do next because I don't want to sound defensive. Please help me.  Thanks
Her First EMAIL:

I'm Manpt from the Google Ad-Words team and I am the assigned Account Manager/Strategist for your Google Adwords Account. I have reviewed your Ad-Words account and I have a few specific suggestions to improve the performance of your account. In order to help you achieve your advertising goals to the fullest I'd like to offer you a free campaign optimization. The goal of campaign optimization is to help you use your daily budget more effectively by increasing your relevant traffic, raising your ad rank.

With a short call, we could prioritize immediate improvements like:

- Free features that your Ad-Words account is not using
- Make sure our Ad's appear only in front of those people who are relevant to our business and we don't end up paying for the clicks which are not relevant (and unnecessary cost)
- Changes which will help our Ad's perform More aggressively.                                                         
- Trackers which will help you in measuring the outcome of Google Ad-words Advertising
- New avenues for your industry (e.g. mobile marketing, Re-Marketing)

Essentially this means that your campaign will be optimized to suit your business needs and according to Google best practices.

As I mentioned earlier, this service is free of charge. Please let me know in a direct reply to this email with a convenient date, time & the best phone number where I could reach you. I would be glad to give you a call to go over the optimization suggestions for your account.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Greetings for the day !! Hope you are doing well.

We had a scheduled Consultation call for your Google Adwords Account but my call was not answered.

I have been trying to get in touch with you. I would like to remind you that this is a free consultation call, and it would really help your Ads to preform at a maximum level with regards to Google AdWords best practices.





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Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@Baloydi L


Sorry to hear this. You're not the only one to complain about scenarios like this. This is becoming a common problem. An agency I support recently had a client stolen by Google.  The client had used Adwords years ago, and we talked them into giving it another try. After we launched the campaign, someone from Google called the client directly and told them they would do everything for free.  We procured the sale so to speak, and then Google stepped in and took over which hurt this agency. This Googler that did this didn't seem to care that it was linked to our MCC.

I complained about it here and to the support number. I didn't really get a satisfactory response from either.  I believe that support and the Googlers involved with this community care about its 3rd party partners, but there are other departments in Google that clearly do not.

We decided to be proactive about this internal threat going forward. Any new account we work with we change the contact info to our agency, and the same goes for any new account we create on a client's behalf.  It's really sad that we have to think this way, but that's the reality of being a 3rd party manager these days. We simply cannot afford to be backdoored again by Google.

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@David Kyle

Thank you for sharing your story with us and for giving insights on how to handle this matter. Now I understand what Google is trying to do. Worst case, I rather lose Google Adwords than lose my current relationship with the client. This behavior is something that shouldn't be tolerated.

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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Just for an update, Google support representative called the owner.

The owner then email me:
hi lloyd, sharing you our activity with google.


Email from Google Rep to the owner:

Hello ****,

It was a pleasure speaking to you on the call today.In case of further inputs, you can just reply to the email and I am glad to call you and help you clarify any doubts, if any.

The following are the changes that we made today:

Mobile Bid Adjustment
Ad Scheduling Bid Adjustment
Location Bid Adjustment
Added Structured Snippet Extension
Changed the Bids for your keywords
Changed the Budget
Enabled a Flexible Bid Strategy-Target Search Page Location


I felt violated about this and this is  demoralizing to me. One moment, I felt that I am being cheated. I hope Google is happy on this.


This will definitely leave a scar.


Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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Do you feel these changes are good for the account?

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@Spike M : thanks Spike.


I think the changes made were for the good of the account but what I am trying to emphasize is that I don't like the how the Google rep handled the "conversation". Although, there are some flaws on the changes esp the mobile and location bidding, and increasing budget - more money for Google.


I wanted to reach out because I want Google to monitor the conversations done during outbound (e.g. email, call) - Quality Assurance. I also don't understand why we are not asked for feedback after our conversation.

I also don't being backdoor by Google. The Google rep understood that I am the one who's handling the account but what she did is called the owner and while on the call she made changes on the account.


I felt helpless.


So now what will happen to my current relationship with my client? Do you think he will trust me more than Google. Do you think my reputation is greater than Google? I totally understand that Google is trying to reach out for the good of the account but she should have handled it professionally in such a way that she won't destroy the "trust" I built for years with this client.

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@Baloydi L I totally understand your frustration, that is very aggressive for a google rep. I've had them contact clients before, but once they knew they had an agency running their account they would work with us. The way the rep acted is very unprofessional, it's not like Google is trying to compete for the clients business.


Are you AdWords and Analytics certified? If not, getting that knocked out could be a good way to re-establish trust with the client, showing that you are investing in making sure that you will be on top of the best practices and most effective strategies for them. Maybe you can also reach out to the Google rep and see if they'd be willing to contact the client, say with an email, and apologize and/or re-establish the clients trust in your abilities. I would like to think that this rep was mot thinking clearly rather than being unprofessional or malicious. 

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@Spike M


I don't believe there is an intentional effort to snipe clients, but rather some of these departments take on a "collateral damage" attitude.  We reached out through multiple channels to the Googler who did this to us. We even left him a direct message on his voicemail. He absolutely refused to communicate with us, and continued directly pursuing our client. When I looked him up on LinkedIn, his history showed he was a salesman for AT&T and YP.  In my opinion, that fact alone makes it reasonable to assume his integrity is lacking.

I feel the department he is in is somehow compensated based on performance. Doing the right thing in this situation would have meant less money for him, so he decided not to do the right thing. This was not someone who had a history of working with Adwords, he was a salesman.

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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@David Kyle Exactly. I was talking about this in another thread where Partner agency were griping about some of their Google Partner Rep problems; a lot of these folks seem to be sales and revenue oriented, and that is certainly what is incentivized, just look at how all the partner rewards are based on client spend. Their job, and I'm guessing their incentives, are based on getting their customers to spend more money; when there is a partner agency involved it just means that they're trying to train us to be their unpaid sales force. While that can be helpful to a degree, it seems to all too frequently push actually helping us resolve issues to the back, and it makes the reps way more unwilling to fight for clients, they'd rather find some other avenue to encourage a client to start spending money. On the other hand, there are some folks in support who are very knowledgeable and very problem solving oriented; just wish more of them were like that, newbs are virtually useless at support.


This definitely has all the marking of someone from a very aggressive sales background. I got into marketing specifically because I wanted to get out of sales, so these types of tactics and personalities are all too common. I wish there was a good way to address this. I do know that a Googler can request to be put on an account, so if you find someone you like and trust then I'd recommend asking them if they could take more of your accounts. 

Re: Please evaluate and QA Google Customer Support

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This is something we've experienced before too and I know how frustrating it can be. Believe me, the community managers here are very sympathetic to this issue and have made great strides to get it resolved.

How we got it fixed was a little bit more direct and proactive. As soon as you take over an account, call the rep. Explain the situation. The most important part is to explain WHY you're not using certain features. It's amazing how difficult it was for us to explain to a rep that the reason the account wasn't using call extensions was because the client didn't have a phone!

Show them that you know what you're doing, ask them to go through you in future as you know the intricacies of the account better than they do.
Trust me, it works. They'll back off and wont bother you or your client again unless they need to. We've had 100% compliance since implementing this as part of our workflow when taking over a new account.

Hope that helps.