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Outsourced Indian Call Center

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The new Indian call center leaves a bit to be desired. Seemes like a downgrade compared to the U.S.-based call centers I'm used to.

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Re: Outsourced Indian Call Center - Poor Service

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Well AdWords customer support centers not "only" located in India. It is actually located in many other countries including India. And I've been served by different agents in different countries.
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December 2015

Re: Outsourced Indian Call Center

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It can be a problem with an individual agent.
But in Adwords customer support they have an experienced team, and they are not call centre experienced, they all are Adwords experienced and majority is certified as well.
And there are many ways to escalate your grievances as well. (make sure you ask for a reference number when ever you call)

Outsourced Indian Call Center

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I was surprised I could have such a terrible experience with Google. I have been using google's Adwords and Analytics for one year, the specialists are always so nice and professional whenever I need help from them. But my recent experience with google business listing specialists is so horrible that I can't believe it's from google! Maybe google adjust their service level based on the profitability. If so, I would recommend them to shut down the business listing call center since it offers no help but to piss customers off.


A google business listing specialist called me after I submit a request. Here is what she did:

1. It took me a while let her understand what is my question. She obviously wasn't trained probably to have the right answer for me. 

2. Once I asked her if I could speak to someone else, she started to lose her patience and become very rude. She stopped listening to anything I say and started saying things like "the supervisors will give you the same answer I did" repeatedly. She did not say whether or not she could transfer me to someone else. I'll take it as a no.

3. She hung up on me.

4. I was calm and did not say anything offensive.