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One website two Adwords accounts

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I’m about to start running Adwords for someone.


The business is already running Adwords, but it’s through an agency, which runs the Adwords through its own account.


So I will need to open a new account for them.


Is there any Google policy which says a website cannot be advertised from two different Adwords accounts?


Eventually the agency will stop running the ads for the site, but there may be some crossover between the agency stopping running the ads and the new account being open.





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January 2016

Re: One website two Adwords accounts

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The policy is a bit more detailed than that. What isn't allowed is using two accounts so that the website in question shows up twice in the same ad auction. It's technically okay to have two accounts as long as they aren't competing in the same auctions. In my opinion, there should be no eventually. As soon as you start, the agency should stop. If you're both using the same domain, this could cause you some troubles getting started. It could also potentially put the domain at risk as a site that has a record of violating policy. I would like to point out that this agency is in violation of Adwords third-party policy which you can reference here:

Re: One website two Adwords accounts

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Hello David, Many thanks for the detailed reply. That answers everything I needed to know. Steve

Re: One website two Adwords accounts

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I have a similar issue. We are testing an account manager who is running campaigns on our behalf. I am running my own campaigns in a separate account. The purpose is not to game the system, it's to see if they can do as well or better than I can. We had planned on doing a 90 day test. If they do as well or better than me, I stop and they get my budget. If I do better, they stop and I use their budget. Is this not allowed since there are now 2 accounts promoting the same website?