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Old reputed adwords account suspended

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I have been advertising with Google for 5 years now. Our account is one of their premium accounts as we used to spend more than $20,000 monthly. We are also on monthly invoicing BTW.


Our website is for a weight loss supplement and all claims accompany a disclaimers and scientific studies (Infact massive disclaimers all over the site). Their editorial team got us a the approval almost 2-3 years back and since then no site suspensions as well.


Earlier this week I received an ad disapproval notice for Misrepresentation policy and 3 days after that my account is suspended. My whole business model is dependent on them. I am still in talks with their team but they are slow to respond and have very little information.


My question is should I expect Google to undo this suspension or is there no hope?? 


I believe the suspension is due the Google's perception of a policy. However if they still believe we have made an error then we would like to correct the same as we have always adhered strictly to their policies. Any suggestions as to how we should take up this case with them would be appreciated!

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Old reputed adwords account suspended

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Well... We discussed that several times here. (Search the community for weight loss)

This is a very sensitive topic to promote. Any supplement or a program the promoters, or claims  a weight loss which is not in line with the common acceptable scientific parties (e.g a diet a moderate exercise) will most likely be suspended. 

The claims on the site and the tone of the language are also important. If you guarantee or over exaggerate - Google will not approve the content.


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