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Old Account Suspension - Can't get any answers

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Had an account suspended years ago for I'm guessing advertising affiliate site. I was never told specifically. 


I've recently had customers that I build sites for want me to advertise for them as well. So I appealed my original suspension.


I received a response stating that my account was still in violation and to contact them when I changed it. I had no adgroups or campaigns. Essentially my account was blank other than contact details. So I created a mock ad of what I would use for a current customer. Brick and mortar business selling physical products. I let them know that there was nothing for me to change and that the new ad would be pretty much what I would use if my account were to be reinstated.


That was 2 weeks ago on the 24th of May. I haven't received any response. When I try to call to talk to an actual person (since I've just seemed to get copy/pasted responses for years now) I simply get an automated voice recording saying that my account is suspended.


So, I'd like to know what I need to change. It's that simple. This shouldn't be an issue with a company with the money and resources that google has. I have no clue what I need to change unless told specifically. My customer's site and my mock campaign are easily within Google's guidelines. 


From what I've gathered reading in the community I'd need to find my old url that was in violation and change the site. However, I have no clue what url because google never told me. 


Where can I go from here? This shouldn't be such a nightmare. The lack of communication is scary. Instead of dialogue I just get a copy/paste TOS.


Thanks taking the time time read,



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Re: Old Account Suspension - Can't get any answers

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any original email from google would be a key.

if the (affiliate) site was advertised up to two years

ago then, the account's change-history should show

the advertised url's.

if the site was verified or tracked in google-webmaster-tools
or google-analytics then, there may be related records there.

regardless, the original (affiliate) website
and related ads would both need to be
in compliance before contacting google
for a reinstatement.

generally, any future accounts or websites may also be
suspended until the original issues are fully resolved.

otherwise, some suspensions are simply permanent.

see also

Re: Old Account Suspension - Can't get any answers

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Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the "related ads" how can they be changed if they don't exist anymore?

Also, I think I found the domain in question and it's currently not owned by anybody.

Is there a way for Google to verify it's the right domain before I go through the time to set up a new site? I'd hate to set it all up and then find out there's another domain or site they have issues with.

Re: Old Account Suspension - Can't get any answers

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first, you're welcome.


if only the website was suspended, simply

fixing the site may be all that is needed.

for accounts, accounts are never actually deleted -- a canceled
account is essentially archived and once reactivated any active
ads will immediately begin running (pause those immediately).

similarly for ads and campaigns, there usually is at least
audit-trails (change-histories) to inspect; running ad-level,
all-time, reports or scripts may also help.

any original emails from google would likely be best
to help decide if the website matches the suspension.

regardless, there is no guarantee that a suspension was not permanent --
google's wording of the suspension is typically critical in this regard.


see also