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No quality score shown due to lack of Impressions

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Recently i cannot see the quality score on my keywords.It says not enough impressions or history.This is happening with keywords that have been active for over two years and furthermore with CTR of 10-40% on average.
How are you supposed to make new ads etc if you cannot even see the rating given for keword/landing page relevance? 

Is this happening to other people or just me for pausing poor quality keywords?

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Re: No quality score shown due to lack of Impressions

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Hi @eddie m

In the past, Google used a default QS from 6 until   enough statistics about keyword performances was collected. (In the old days, the average QS - for a given KW-   among all advertisers - bidding on the KW,  was used.)   There has been a confusion about this method, because the "spread" (between the default  score =6 and the actual score, calculated once enough data collected) could be broad. (A keyword might drop from 6 to 3).

So, Google switched methods, and  decided not to publish the QS until enough data collected, to calculate a statistically reliable value. Usually, within a day, a score is calculated.   If there  are not enough impressions, at some point,  the system stops, and re-calculates a value, taking into account that the keyword does not trigger an ad often.


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No quality score shown due to lack of Impressions

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Thanks for the reply.Thing is i am never seeing the quality scores reappear on these keywords.I will keep an eye on them and see if anything changes.
I will also create some new keywords to see if a quality score appears after a day or two.
Only discovered this community yesterday,going to be on it a lot !!!!
Thanks again soooo many questions that Google employees seem never to be able to answer!!