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No Correct Reporting - Demographics

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Can anyone help me out as im struggling to understand something with regards to demographics which was released last year.


Why has demographics been created as an adwords feature when avg position cannot be determined for each auction combination of gender and age ranges separately?  


In addition the preview tool cannot show search results for any combination of genders and age ranges?


Surely before the demographics feature was rolled out to adwords users the interface should have been updated to support correct reporting of avg positions and also the preview tool should have incorporated these different auctions taking place.


As it stands the preview tool is only showing search results for the category unknown genders and unknown age group.


Are there any known reasons why adwords rolled this (demographics) before the interface could support this feature?

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No Correct Reporting - Demographics

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This is the way Google releases products and features.  Unlike other companies which set a "fixed" date fo0r a release and for an update,  Google releases a product / feature and then fixes and improves by iterations  "on the fly".  This is model Google is subscribed to. ( And it has its advantages:  quick  and disadvantages: not always perfect and not all options / features included)

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No Correct Reporting - Demographics

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Hi there,


I'm guessing that your are referring to bid adjustments? Without them, ad positions will be the same regardless of demographics.


With bid adjustments, I don't think any AdWords reporting will show you how they have affected CPC and ad position historically. Yes, you can see this reporting for mobile vs desktop with adjustments, but their results are already ordinarily different.





Re: No Correct Reporting - Demographics

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I have also just reported this issue to adwords support.......


As avg. position within the demogarphics tab is only shown as a total figure instead of being segregated its impossible to view how each combination of gender and age is performing.


There are 21 combinations of gender and age ranges.


  • So if i was to target the keyword [widget] for all three device types i would be required to create 63 Ad groups to accuratley get the info i require.


  • If i wanted to target all three keyword match types eg [widget], ''widget'' and widget for all three device types i would have to create a massive 189 ad groups!!


This could easily be resolved if the adwords interface would simply show the avg. position figures for each combination of genders and age ranges.


The avg. position total figure is calculated/shown at the foot of the column so the data is already being calculated internally by the system - So why has the technical team(s) purposely omitted this avg. position data from showing when they already have access to this data?