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Mysterious Adwords Suspension

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Initially it said "We've identified suspicious behavior in the payment activity of this or your other AdWords accounts. To help prevent any unauthorized activity, we suspended your AdWords accounts".


At some stage, I did see a message saying "repeated ad violation or a major violation". But this has disappeared now.

Few mistakes I may have done are shared below;

-Used US based virtual card given by client - Suspened
-Then I made another account and used my own card - it worked

-Now for another client, I used the same card - both accounts suspended after some time

-Now, totally different billing profiles used for either accounts. they are still getting disapproved.

-Using XYZ'z credit card in my adwords.

-Client is US-based but I'm setting up the adwords from UK.

-Email used on adwords was named with Taha Iqbal but the adwords account was made through Cardholders name. 


I still believe there is nothing illegitimate was done from our end but simply nothing shared by google. We have been spending a lot on Bing Ads but definitely no comparison with Adwords


Totally stressed for the promotion of my client's business. I might loose the business Smiley Sad


@Moshe: I wish to see Moshe with a response on this post as he is the most active community member I ever noticed.


I will be thankful to anyone who can help me in this. 


Extremely distressed,


Taha Iqbal

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Mysterious Adwords Suspension

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One more thing to add;

Since the suspension is billing related, I tried to remove and re-enter the payment details for review but that did not help either. What I don't understand is that this is the error that I received but the email talks about policy violations instead and does not clear up where the fault is. 

Also, the SSL was not initially associated which was placed after the revision.






Re: Mysterious Adwords Suspension

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Hello @Taha I;

Reading your posts,  it looks like there were several violations,   on different fronts, hence, the different messaging / notifications received from Google.

It's not uncommon to find billing and content  violations on the same account,  followed by the system triggering two separate suspension emails.

I also understand that your appeal on the billing side (i.e. Submitting the appeal form) was declined. At this point, after that many changes made to the billing profile, there is nothing much to do to reverse the decision.

I am afraid that the best advice I can give, is to promote the business on  other advertising platforms. It looks that Google is not an option. (At least for now).



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