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My website is not listed in search results

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Hello Intellects!

I created my website on April 09, 2017 and on the same day I submitted this url (with www and without) to google and added these properties in google search console.
For 4-5 days google showed no error. 
Four days ago ( on 12/04/2017) paid Google 1000.00 INR to show my website in top results but since then google stopped showing my website. In search console it shows "URL timeout: DNS lookup timeout ". 
I tried all possible solution day and night since  3-4 days but nothing positive. 
Google just shows old records if I search exactly "" but does not show any result for "".
Please help. I also have not much knowledge about web design and troubleshooting. 

Search Results does not show my Website : Does Google just Cheat?

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I paid 1000.00 INR to google for my website

Google search neither shows my website as paid nor as general results. 

Bing shows my website with keyword search even if I have not paid to Bing.

Will anybody tell me if Google just cheats the customer ?